In Houston every Saturday night at 7:00PM -8:00PM on 100.7FM KKHT In Dallas every Saturday night at 9:00PM -10:00PM on 100.7FM KKHT

this is REAL

Tune in to your favorite show for “Real Truth” with Juan Martinez. In Houston every Saturday night at 7:00PM8:00PM on 100.7FM KKHT
In Dallas every Saturday night at 9:00PM10:00PM on 100.7FM KKHT

This is Real has a tremendous reach as it is broadcast in over 54 cities; from the Greater Houston area to Lake Charles, up to Huntsville and all the way south to Texas City/Galveston.

The show will air in a total of 51 state prisons and county jails with approximately 130,000 inmates tuning in weekly hearing the good news!

If you know anyone incarcerated let’s spread the word let them know to tune in every Saturday at 6:30PM on 100.7FM


Pastor Juans evangelistic outreach ministry is committed to reaching the lost at any cost.We are sent out, to WRAP the lost IN THE LOVE OF CHRIST, invading communities with the Gospel and free giveaways (clothing, toys, bill pays and even cars). For as freely as we have received, so freely shall we give. We start with ONE: ONE apartment complex, ONE city, ONE state, ONE nation. From the school house to the jailhouse. From the courthouse to the White House. No matter where, our mission is clear; to exalt JESUS!